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Category – ASMR Hairbrushing

1950s ASMR Hairbrushing & Singing Softly to Melt Your Stress Away

Double Scalp Massage Hair Brushing With Corrina, Lucy & Maddison

Pampering Madison! ASMR Spa Treatment! Hair & Face Brushing

1950s Theme Scalp Massage with Lucy & Corrina

I Give Jasmine Pigtails! ASMR Hair Play, Hair Braiding, Hair Brushing and Hair Styling

Relaxing ASMR Hair Brushing & Scalp Massage

Long Beautiful Hair ASMR Scalp Massage & Hair Brushing Sounds

Corrina and Adrienne Hair Play and Back Tickling

Hair Brushing Tapping and Tingles with Adrienne

Soft Spoken Lion Hair Brushing with Corrina

Scalp Massage and Hair Brushing For The Blues

Whispered Hair Brushing and Scalp Massage with Lucy

Haircuts in Space! Alien Roleplay with Lucy

Spa Day Hair Brushing and Scalp Massage with Beini

Lucy and Corrina Relaxing Hair Brushing and Whispers

Scalp Massage and Hair Care with Melissa and Corrina

Corrina and Adrienne Scalp Scratches and Back Tickles

Up-Close Hair Brushing Sounds with Beini and Corrina

50 Minute No-Talking Hair Brushing with Kendall

Salon and Spa Scalp Massage and Hair Play with Melissa

Corrina with STRAIGHT HAIR Soothing Brushing

Scalp Massage and Hair Play Meditation with Adrienne

Adrienne Hair Brushing with Oil Treatment

Dreamy Hair Brushing and Massage with Adrienne

Corrina Has Her Hair Brushed Out by Kate!

Escape to Dreamland Hair Brushing with Adrienne

Corrina Has Her Hair Straightened!

Starry Night Hair Brushing Back with Adrienne

Starry Night Hair Brushing with Corrina and Adrienne

Pretty in Pink! Mics on Hair Brushes with Nico

Natalia Hair Brushing Back with Brush Mics

Natalia Relaxing Hair Brushing with Brush Mics

Natalia Lovely Hair Brushing and Scalp Massage

50 Minute Hypnotic Hair Brushing with Kendall

Corrina and Bethany Hair Brushing and Relaxation Tips

One Hour No Talking Hair Brushing with Adrienne

Mics on the Hair Brushes with Nico & Corrina