Category – Melissa

MASS-071 Hot Stone Massage: Part 4 Legs

MASS-069 Hot Stone Massage: Part 3 Back

MASS-068 Hot Stone Massage: Part 2 Legs

MASS-066 Hot Stone Massage: Part 1

MASS-065 Leg Massage w/ Melissa & Chandler

MASS-064 Foot Massage w/ Chandler & Melissa

MASS-062 Back Massage w/ Melissa & Chandler

COS-020 Angel & Demon Cosplay Leg Massage

COS-018 Angels & Demons Cosplay Leg Massage: Part 1

COS-017 Greek Goddess Massage: Part 2

BTS-066 Head & Chest Massage & Bloopers

COS-015 Greek Goddess Massage Part 1

MASS-060 Low Back Pain Massage

MASS-059 Back Massage w/ Melissa & Corrina

MASS-053 Glutes & Low Back Massage Tips

MASS-052 Scalp & Head Massage

MASS-050 Back Massage w/ Melissa & Corrina

MASS-048 Exclusive Back Massage

MASS-041 Leg Massage w/ Melissa

MASS-040 Spine Massage w/ Melissa

MASS-038 Back Massage w/ Melissa Lamunyon

MASS-037 Scalp Massage w/ Melissa Lamunyon

MASS-036 Upper Body Massage w/ Melissa

MASS-030 Back Massage w/ Melissa Lamunyon

MASS-029 Back Massage w/ Melissa LaMunyon

MASS-028 Chest Massage

MASS-027 Leg Massage w/ Melissa & Corrina

MASS-026 Back Massage w/ Melissa & Corrina

AMAS-004 Sounds Of Massage

ASMR-014 Tapping With Melissa

BTS-037 Multicam Editing

GTKU-011 Confessions Of A Massage Therapist 2 – Massage & Emotions

GTKU-008 Confessions Of A Massage Therapist

AMAS-003 Back Massage

MASS-025 Corrina Gives Melissa A Scalp Massage

MASS-024 Corrina Gives Melissa A Foot Massage

MASS-023 Exclusive Head & Shoulder Massage

MASS-022 Exclusive Hand & Wrist Massage

MASS-021 Exclusive Lower Body Massage

MASS-020 Corrina Gives Melissa A Back Massage

MASS-019 Exclusive Foot Massage

AMAS-002 Scalp Massage

MASS-016 Exclusive Glute Massage

BTS-028 ASMR Fashion Club Sleepover Bloopers

VIP-028 Upper Body & Chest Massage – Melissa & Corrina

VIP-027 Blue Bikini Leg Massage – Melissa & Corrina

VIP-026 Blue Bikini Back Massage – Melissa & Corrina

MASS-015 Chair Back Massage

MASS-014 Corrina Gives Melissa A Back Massage

MASS-012 Neck, Face & Scalp Massage

COS-013 Pirate Chest & Head Massage

COS-012 Pirate/Sailor Head Massage

VIP-018 Hot Stone Chest Massage – Melissa & Corrina

COS-011 Pirate Themed Back Massage

GTKU-003 Comments Make Our Day or Make Us Cry!

COS-010 Greek Goddess Chest Massage

COS-009 Greek Goddess Back Massage Corrina & Melissa

COS-008 Mermaid Upper Body Massage

VIP-017 Cosplay Cat Girl Massage – Athena & Corrina

COS-007 Foot Massage

COS-006 Disney Princess Glute Massage

COS-005 Disney Princess Head Massage

COS-004 Candy Cane Back Massage

COS-003 Merry Xmas Candy Cane Massage!

MASS-005 Top 5 Best Leg Massage Techniques

PIC-011 Melissa LaMunyon Photo Set 1

BTS-004 THANK YOU for Pledging!!

VIP-003 Melissa & Corey Kay ASMR Butt Massage