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POD-092 Regenerative & Functional Medicine with Dr. Dumitrescu & Host Corrina Rachel EP#92

POD-091 Boosting Immunity with Dr. Ward & Host Corrina Rachel

POD-090 Dr. Ward “Long Haul Syndrome” with Host Corrina Rachel

POD-089 Introduction to A Tranquil Mind with Ritesh Sheth

POD-088 Unlocking the 7 Chakras with Sheena Sharma & Host Corrina Rachel

POD-087 The Perfect Diet! Health Nutritionist Aubree Steen covers the HEALTHIEST ways to start a diet.

POD-086 How to Release Grief, Sadness & Anxiety with Grief Counselor Lisa Keefauver

POD-060 Glowing, Healthy Skin: An Ayurvedic Approach with Dr. Nisha Khanna

POD-059 Brain Repatterning for Healing and Happiness with Mary Schneider

POD-058 Vitamins: Infusions, Supplements, and a Balanced Diet with Dr. Philip Oubre

POD-057 Data Driven Solutions for Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Elena Villanueva

POD-056 Beyond Meditation: Tools for Living Authentically with Neil Ryan Dumra

POD-055 The Right Diet: Keto, Paleo, and More with Dr. Danny VanNoy

POD-054 The Roots of Yoga with Hindu Yogi Chandra Nelogal

POD-053 Family Communication, The Art of Raising Teens and Children with Courtney Harris

POD-052 Motivation and Happiness, KEEPING New Years Resolutions with Aleksandr Rybchinskiy

POD-051 Natural Living, EcoVillages, and Sustainable Off-Grid Communities with Rebecca Powers

POD-050 Genetic Testing: The Future of Health and Wellness with Tenesha Wards

POD-049 Workout Gains: How a CHEK Practitioner Can Help with Aleksandr Rybchinskiy

POD-048 Thyroid Disfunction: What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You with Tenesha Wards

POD-047 Acid Reflux: Natural Alternatives to Acid Blockers

POD-046 Ayurveda and Weight Loss, Diets,and Fasting with Dr. Nisha Khanna

POD-045 The Probiotic Cure: Heal the Gut, Heal the Body

POD-044 New Years Resolutions: How to Actually Achieve Your Goals with Julia Marie

POD-043 Functional Ayurveda: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Application with Dr. Nisha Khanna

POD-042 YOU MIGHT NEED MEAT: Eastern and Western Medicine Agree with Jessica Manson

POD-041 A Mother’s Struggle with Celiac, Vaccines, and Autoimmune Disease with Sara Gustafson

POD-040 From Skeptic to Acupuncturist: How Holistic Health Changed My Life with Jessica Manson

POD-039 The Interconnection of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health with Sara Gustafson

POD-038 Tips and Tricks for Better Sleep and Stress Relief with Athena Jezik

POD-037 Hormones, Thyroid, and Adrenals: Common Culprits of Weight Gain and Low Energy with Dr. Philip Oubre

POD-036 Hacking Metabolism: Is Slow Metabolism Genetic? Plus Intermittent Fasting and Fitness Tips with Karen Shopoff Rooff

POD-035 Functional Medicine 101 with Dr. Philip Oubre

POD-034 The Perfect Balance: Fitness, Diet, Stress, and Sleep with Karen Shopoff Rooff

POD-033 The Best Diet For Training: Using Food to Optimize Your Exercise with Aleksandr Rybchinskiy

POD-032 Breath, Mental Boundaries, and the Importance of Rest for Athletic Performance with Aleksandr Rybchinskiy

POD-031 Careers in Health: Making Wellness Your Life’s Work with Sandra Foreman

POD-030 Busting Myths about Chiropractic Care with Dr. Jeff Echols

POD-029 Meditation and The Key to Happiness with Gen Norden, Buddhist Nun

POD-028 The Remedy for Burnout: Self Care and How to Practice It with Sandra Foreman

POD-027 Red Light Therapy, Cryotherapy, Pulsating Compression and CryoFacials with Chase McKinzie

POD-026 Cryotherapy: Reduce Pain and Inflammation, Improve Sleep and Overall Health with Chase McKinzie

POD-025 Skin Care and Beauty: Natural Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery & Botox with Dr. Paula Bruno

POD-024 Should I go Paleo or Vegan? Diets Explored: Vegetarian, Ketogenic, Intermittent Fasting with Michelle Norris

POD-023 Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Paula Bruno

POD-022 Healthy Kids Naturally: Homeopathic Remedies for Common Conditions with Noel Peterson

POD-021 The 5 Best Supplements for Health and Wellness with Dr. Ashley Maltz

POD-020 The Paleo Diet: How I Healed Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and Rheumatoid Arthritis with Michelle Norris

POD-019 Integrative and Holistic Medicine Explained with Medical Doctor Ashley Maltz

POD-018 What Is Homeopathy And How Does It Work? With Noel Peterson

POD-017 Can’t Sleep? Tips for Insomnia, Chronic Fatigue, and Restful Sleep with Tenesha Wards

POD-016 10 Ways To Improve Your Health & Fitness With Athena Jezik

MOD-015 Physical Fitness, Health & Happiness With Julia Marie

POD-014 The Low Back Pain Relief Protocol with Robert Gardner

POD-013 My Doctor Doesn’t Know Why I’m Sick: Chronic Fatigue & Other Medical Mysteries with Tenesha Wards

POD-012 Restoring Optimal Health With Athena Jezik

POD-011 Headache, Migraine, and Tension Relief Tips With Robert Gardner

POD-010 5 Tips for New Yogis, Body Positivity, and Comfort Zones with Julia Bennet

POD-009 Patience With Your Practice: Overcoming Yoga Fears With Julia Bennet

POD-008 Trigger Point & Self Massage With Robert Gardner

POD-007 Relaxation & Stress Relief

POD-006 Guide To Pain Management

POD-005 Yoga Massage

POD-004 How To Build A Massage Business

POD-003 Partnership Between Men & Women

POD-002 How To Be Your Own Partner

POD-001 How To Partner With People